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In the world of Photography our experts work in Hairdressing, Makeup, Fashion, Creative Direction, Publishing, etc....

Below, you'll find some direct links to just a few of my images. Over the years, I have taken 10's of thousands of photographs using a variety of cameras and lenses. It is impossible to showcase all of my work here. I have selected a few samples to show a cross section of my work.


Artistic Photography

One of my favorite pastimes is to go wander about with my camera and discover the art that exists everywhere. Years ago, I could not see beyond the surface of an everyday scene.

Today, I compartmentalize the scene and break it down to something unusual and artistic.



Architecture holds many interesting details. The lines, curves, intersections, patterns, and textures make interesting photos.

I sometimes go to a single building to find as many images as possible.


Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is the ultimate expression of one's self. It is the perfect gift to a loved one. Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, and just an "I Love You" are a few reasons to create your portfolio.

I work with you to create the perfect images you want. Not all boudoir is nude. And of course, minor imperfections are touched up. The end goal is to make both of you happy.




Models are important in so many commercial photo shoots. Sometimes they are wearing clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, or showing hair and or makeup. Whatever the reason, models are key to a successful campaign.

Learning to work with a model is an art and sometimes challenging. The most important part to a successful session is to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable. A model's attitude will always show in the end.



Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a great form of expression. The right model wearing the right article of clothing will make or break the product shots.

We look for the proper type of model to enhance your line. Sometimes you'll want a child model, a plus size model, a hand model, or just different ethnicities. Every marketing idea dictates each aspect of the photo shoot.



Catalog photography is an important part of print media marketing and sales. The old addage, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" is accurate.

I have photographed many objects and products for catalog print including: sawblades, food, produce, watches, jewelry, bottled water, eyewear, and many more.





Sometimes I turn my photos into a painted work of art. I don't use a brush and paint in the conventional way but rather the digital variety. It is just another way I channel my creative energy into something special.




Making posters is just one way I create. These posters show an image and a place. I think they speak for themselves.







Wedding photography is not just taking a picture of a bride and groom. The right image captures the joy and the love from that moment.

A wedding day photo is a treasured keepsake and may be looked at many times over the life of a marriage and it should bring happiness, memories, and joy to the beholder.