E. D. F. A. T. - Entire, Details, Frame, Angles, and Time.

EDFAT is a method that allows you to fine-tune your photographic vision by applying 5 simple elements.

Organize your vision into 3 categories.
1. The establishing shot
2. The medium shot
3. The close up

E. D. F. A. T.
1 Entire – Shoot the entire scene, get it all. This is the overall view of your subject.
Here is your opportunity to show the environment and context of your work.
Shoot from a distance.
Shoot both horizontal and vertical images.

2 Details – Shoot the detail shots.
Get close.
Aspects and perhaps some abstracts.
Again, shoot both horizontal and vertical images.
If shooting people, try photographing hands, feet, eyes, etc…

3 Frame / Focal Length – Try different lenses and move in and move out.
Shoot the scene from many focal lengths.
Remember to use good composition rules here; don’t center your subjects.
Step forward and shoot, then backup and shoot some more.
Different focal lengths will change the way a scene looks.
Longer lenses will compress perspective while wide angles will tend to separate subjects.

4 Angle – Try different angles … high, low, left, right, behind, above, below…
How does your subject look from a different perspective?
Avoid shooting from eye level. This is too ordinary for the fine photographer.
Remember to turn your camera’s axis. Horizontal, Vertical, Odd Angles?

5 Time – Morning, afternoon, dusk, sunrise. The lighting creates mood and dramatically affects the scene.
Time also refers to shutter speed. Slow shutter speeds will show action blurs while fast shutter speeds will stop the action.