Canon, the best-known camera brand, will stop making DSLR cameras.
The company has confirmed that the Canon 1D X Mark III is its last flagship DSLR camera.
The latest model 'EOS-1D X Mark III' released in 2020 will be the last model in fact.
The market needs are acceleratingly shifting to mirrorless cameras.

I have been using Canon cameras and lenses for many years. I have always been very happy with the products, the product range, and the product quality. I have a fair amount of money invested in this brand and do not want to switch brands. It isn't imperative that I do change brands, but if I need to go from a DSLR to a Mirrorless camera, I may go with Sony. Sony mirrorless cameras are so highly rated that I bought one just to try. I didn't plan on making a big investment into a variety of lenses, just see what all the buzz was about. I am also looking at Nikon. My primary photography is done in the studio and I like seeing my subject through the lens and seeing it in real time. With mirrorless, I am looking at an electronic view finder, where zooming is slightly delayed. I find this delay a bit annoying. I will need to look at more cameras to see if this is the case everywhere.

Update 9/2022

Well, now that I have tried different mirrorless cameras, I like them. The full frame mirrorless like the Canon R, RF, R5 cameras are a pleasure to use.
I have not tried many Nikons but the Sonys are nice as well.
The electronic viewfinder is much faster, the resolution is much higher, and the lenses are tack sharp.